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Going beyond what we do.

Our Clinical Liaisons work with our clients and their families to address health, psycho-social, and functional needs to maximize recovery from illness or disability. We also provide comprehensive ongoing case management services to complex geriatric clients and adults with chronic and acute illness to ensure continuity of care. We make sure to provide an initial introduction to the patient and family, explains the care programs, and help to identify certified home health needs.

Our liaisons also consult with the staff to facilitate accurate documentation and ensure appropriate documentation is obtained from the patient’s physician before discharge.

Here are the primary roles of our clinical liaisons.

  1. Reviewing receiving screening forms for follow-up attention
  2. Reviewing non-emergency health care requests
  3. Carrying out clinicians’ orders regarding diet, housing, and work assignments

For questions about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us here.